Flap Barriers

Flap barrier is designed to offer premium impression for building pedestrian access control gate. These allow wide opening to allow user big baggage to pass through. Flap barrier can be integrated with RFID card reader, biometric finger reader, validate, barcode ticket, IC card etc.

Applications: office, airport, Bus station, railway station malls etc.


  • Material SS 304.
  • The standard lane wide is ≤ 600mm.
  • LED direction indicator
  • Transit speed 30 to 40 person per minute.
  • Can be operate bi- directional or one directional.
  • Multi sensor zone to provide safety and detect the person in and pass through signal.
  • In case power failure the flap will open by the battery backup, when power comes back, flap close and working automatically.

Tripod Turnstile

Tripod turnstile offer a compact, cost effective, fast operation, easy to use and reliable entrance solution to control pedestrian movement. These are used office, bank, airport, malls stadium etc.

Hind offer broad range of half height and full height turnstile.

  • Material SS 304 brush finish.
  • Drop arm facility in case power failure or emergency.
  • LED direction indicator
  • Integration with card reader, bio metric reader, fire system etc.
  • Operate single direction and both directions.